Posted on: January 21, 2009 8:10 pm

Can you image this

Obama. The new President. oh boy. I guess closing GITMO was a nice first act as President. Sure you are looking good in the eyes of the world. I mean that is all you care about. For get the fact that GITMO housed the terrorists for 9/11. Where should we put them?

It really makes me upset that the US people have lost there marbles. I mean if any country says one thing bad about us we flip. What can we do to make it up to them, is the first thing most people think about that are in the possitions of leadership. I just say forget about it. We are americans.  We need to stop worring about what other people say and worry about other americans.


I really don't care what his back ground is for the most part. What is he going to do for the people. THe people that he has not forgotten. I see what the government has done for the bank nad automakers. Here is his chance to do something for the people. We want our econimic package also. If you think about, we the people are more important than the banks and auto maker combined. Why? Well, simple. We are the people of the US, we have the jobs, we spend the money and WE employ more people then the banks and auto makers combined. Just think about it. We have earned a packed if you ask me.

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