Posted on: March 11, 2009 2:49 pm

It just not the same!

 I don't know but it seems to me that things have gotten pretty plain since they put in there new rules. I mean the thing with the avitar just a waste if you ask me. I think they are taking this way to seriously. I mean, my photo was deleted and it was of cameras. The last time I checked cameras where a big part of sports since journalism is what we are really doing. But hey I don't get to make the rules, none of us do. This is what I hate about "the man". Every time the people find something to bring them together the man has to find away to break it up. So what we put photos of women up and funny jokes, this is our personality. And now we have been cut down to nothing. You can only have something sports related, but "the man" gets to decide if it is sports related. I don't know, but I think women our part of sports, I mean CBS uses them to report and they are some pretty attractive women. I'm just saying, are they going to take them off the air, I don't think so. They bring in ratings. Which is why the photos that we put up where important to us. They brought people to our home page so they could see what we where about. Now it is all blah and plain. What a wastye of a good site.

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