Posted on: April 29, 2009 8:13 pm

Next years Cards

The Cards ahve release James, LaBoy, and Hood. It is unfourtunate but that is the way things go. Our draft choices should have been a for shadowing of what was to come. The drafting of 2 RB was clear that James was going to traded or released. Wells is to replace James and Larod should be able to replace JJ as an RB and in kick returning duties.  We drasfted a CB and a S, so someone from the back feild was going to be leaving. Plus we picked up Mcfadden . Laboy has to be the biggest shock of the group. He just signed a nice contract not long ago.

The fact that James is gone, means Wells and the big H will have to step up. My feelings are mixed with Wells. On one hand he is a great RB with speed, vision and agility. On the other he has problems with health and he comes from the big ten, a run it down your throat kinda of game play. Ohio st has a p[assing game but they are a running team. I see Wells as not being happen in AZ after a season or two depending on the time he gets in the back feild. Luckly we were ably to get the SEC defensive player of the year from last year, but the SS and FS possitions are pretty strong with Willson and Rolle starting.  I think the pick of Johnson was a depth pick for Willson who might be getting close to retiring in a few seasons.

More to come!!!
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Posted on: April 22, 2009 7:30 pm

The Update

 Well, a lot is going on for my teams. Below is a break down.


Dbacks-What can I say, we are off to a not so good start, but I have faith. We have been hit early by the injury bug in our pitching staff. Also, we are hot and cold with the bats. Yesterdays game was a great example. Pitching showed upto play, deffense was ready to go, but the bats just could not get going. Could this be another 111 lose season, I'm telling myself hopefully not. But at the same time, I think some things need to be changed, maybe Melvin?

Cards-Well it  draft time and everyone is going in circle about what is going to happen with Boldin and James. Do we trade them or release them? Or do we keep them? They are slowly becoming babies at which point they are bad for morale. Why, all because they can not get there way. Yes Boldin is a good WR but he has a specific duty as a WR for the Cards. Another set of hands that can catch the ball so the deffense of the opposite team is not always all over Fitz. Tobad he is not the number one anymore on the Cards, but hey, team do mature over time. The question is can the players mature with the team. James on the other hand just does not like the style of football we play. The Cards are a passing team, we run the pig skin when we need to but we do not rely on running the ball as our primary game plan. James, I'm sorry, we can not conform to you. If you don't like it to bad. These players and the Cards have two opptions: stay and play or complain and trade. Every one knows that we could get some decent draft picks for both players and also some seasoned players as well. The big question is what are the needs of the team.

Badgers football-Has the season started yet! I can not wait. Phillips might be the starter this year which would be great. Sherer could also get the job if the coaches continue there bad trend of of QB pickings. Come on guys, get a clue and the let the talent on the feild for a change. And also, fire the so called QB coach, every guy he trains ends up getting worse. We have to many great prospects at QB right now for him to wreck them so early. Clay is looking like he might turn out to be a great RB this year. He will be taking over for Hill, in which case could be a great thing for the Badgers. Also, our recruit class is looking pretty good. I am very pleased with this years  new comers. We were able to get some real play makers that in the future will help take the Badgers to the top of the Big Ten.

Badgers basketball-Well, we had a rocky run this year but a good run. I'm glad we where able to keep the tournament streak alive. For a little while it looked like we did not have a chance but the Badgers came to gether in the last 10 games and made it happen. It is good for us that we are not loosing alot of players this year so our team next year should be a top notch team in the big ten. My only concern is that they learn to work together a little more. We also need to play a little more structured deffense. Most of the games we lost last year where because we could not hold the lead when we had it. Why, because our deffense broke down.

ASU baseball-We are headed towards a great year. Currently we are ranked # 2 or 3 depending on what poll you look at. We have been playing great this year. Our pitching is on fire. The bats have been killing the ball. Yesterday, the team put together back to back 7 run innings against # 20 Hawaii. Our feilding is in my mind one of the best in Div I this year. With a little over a month left to go in the regular season, the Sun Devils are looking like they are ready for a long trip into the CWS.

Suns- Well, we did not have the season we hoped for. The team just did not work well together this year,but it is not fault of the players. This years' mess is completely on the shoulders of the management. I'm looking forward to seeing if Gentry will remain the head coach. I sure hope so, since some of the players have already said they would only stay if he was coach. Gentry understands that the SUNS are a run and gun team with some deffense in the middle. The bulk of our strength is in our offensive game. The sooner upper management gets that into there heads the quicker we will get back on our feet.



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Sports out look

 Well, Baseball is in full swing. The DBacks open today against the Rockies. Lets go boys time to play ball. Lets hope they can have a healthy season. I think if this happens we should be good. This should be good for at least the NL west title. The only team of concern is the Dodgers. They sure have some hitters this year.

ASU baseball is having a great year. Number 1 in the USA today/ESPN coaches poll. This is the year for us. We have the team and we have the expirence.


Wisconsin football has started spring workouts. I can not wait. The Badgers like normal have no preseason ranking but we have a team to be feared. Last year was a fluke. This year we are here to play. The biggest question is who will be starting at the QB position. Sherer or Phillips. Personally I think Phillips is the way to go. But I would not count out Budmayr. We might get to see him for a few plays sometime durring the season.

Posted on: March 27, 2009 2:03 pm

not fun anymore

 So it seems that if you post on the forums your rating goes down not up.  Every thing is ran by politics these days. Someone disagrees with you and your rating goes down. What a joke. Way to let people have some discussions. Well that is if you CBSSPORTS finds it ok to talk about or write about. I have a questions, when do we get to start deleting or lowering your rankins because we don't like what you write. Oh, that's right we don't get to because you all never write anything that we don't like. What a joke!

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Posted on: March 11, 2009 2:49 pm

It just not the same!

 I don't know but it seems to me that things have gotten pretty plain since they put in there new rules. I mean the thing with the avitar just a waste if you ask me. I think they are taking this way to seriously. I mean, my photo was deleted and it was of cameras. The last time I checked cameras where a big part of sports since journalism is what we are really doing. But hey I don't get to make the rules, none of us do. This is what I hate about "the man". Every time the people find something to bring them together the man has to find away to break it up. So what we put photos of women up and funny jokes, this is our personality. And now we have been cut down to nothing. You can only have something sports related, but "the man" gets to decide if it is sports related. I don't know, but I think women our part of sports, I mean CBS uses them to report and they are some pretty attractive women. I'm just saying, are they going to take them off the air, I don't think so. They bring in ratings. Which is why the photos that we put up where important to us. They brought people to our home page so they could see what we where about. Now it is all blah and plain. What a wastye of a good site.

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whats going on

So I am getting ready for a Lion hunt up north here in AZ. I can't wait to get out of the office and into the outdoors! Rifle in hand and waiting, what a great feeling that is. I love the feeling of hunting. It just gives me a rush that I can not explain.

Things are going great. Well besides me hating my job, but that is in the works to be changed. I just listened to the president speak at a school down the street from where I work over the radio. Boy did that sound like a bunch of crap. All this talk about the housing market and how we are going to help. What about the people that can't find jobs or who are barely getting by because there are no jobs to be found. I tell you the economy in AZ sucks, the state is broke, there are no jobs so a double income family is like a thing of the past. I am still waiting to see the package that is going to help the american that does not own a house. What are they doing to help us out. We are struggling too.

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Posted on: February 13, 2009 3:11 pm

What happen?

So it seems like CBS had a major glitch last night. What is with everyone dropping points like we don't matter? I mean people lost 1K status over night. Some lost superstar over night and are back at allstar. This is crap. How about some guide lines for the ratings.

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Posted on: February 4, 2009 7:37 pm

Good day for Wisconsin Football

The Badgers landed some major fire power today durring signing day. Hopefully we have found the QB we have been missing in budmayr. It looks like we have finally landed some great WR with Appleton, so that should open our game up a little. We gained a great FB and RB with Dippel and Ball respectively. These two should put up some great numbers when they start to play and will be great replacements for Hill if he gets picked up in the NFL draft. We also made a great addition in the TE position to replace our favorite TE Beckum.


The freshmen that are on the team this year will have to step up next year since we will have lost some of the big guns we had. I am looking forward to a young team next year, which could be a bad thing or a good thing. I guess we will just have to wait and see what coach decides to do.



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